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Plot a distribution of binary data and their mutual DEBIT consistency. Call this function only on a data frame that resulted from a call to debit_map().

Various parameters of the individual geoms can be controlled via arguments.


  show_outer_boxes = TRUE,
  show_labels = TRUE,
  show_full_scale = TRUE,
  show_theme_other = TRUE,
  color_cons = "royalblue1",
  color_incons = "red",
  line_alpha = 1,
  line_color = "black",
  line_linetype = 1,
  line_width = 0.5,
  line_size = 0.5,
  rect_alpha = 1,
  tile_alpha = 0.15,
  tile_height_offset = 0.025,
  tile_width_offset = 0.025,
  tile_height_min = 0.0375,
  tile_width_min = 0.0385,
  label_alpha = 0.5,
  label_linetype = 3,
  label_size = 3.5,
  label_linesize = 0.75,
  label_force = 175,
  label_force_pull = 0.75,
  label_padding = 0.5



Data frame. Result of a call to debit_map().


Logical. Should outer tiles surround the actual data points, making it easier to spot them and to assess their overlap? Default is TRUE.


Logical. Should the data points have labels (of the form "mean; SD")? Default is TRUE.


Logical. Should the plot be fixed to full scale, showing the entire consistency line independently of the data? Default is TRUE.


Logical. Should the theme be modified in a way fitting the plot structure? Default is TRUE.

color_cons, color_incons

Strings. Colors of the geoms representing consistent and inconsistent values, respectively.

line_alpha, line_color, line_linetype, line_width, line_size

Parameters of the curved DEBIT line.


Parameter of the DEBIT rectangles. (Due to the nature of the data mapping, there can be no leeway regarding the shape or size of this particular geom.)

tile_alpha, tile_height_offset, tile_width_offset, tile_height_min, tile_width_min

Parameters of the outer tiles surrounding the DEBIT rectangles. Offset refers to the distance from the rectangles within.

label_alpha, label_linetype, label_size, label_linesize, label_force, label_force_pull, label_padding

Parameters of the labels showing mean and SD values. Passed on to ggrepel::geom_text_repel(); see there for more information.


A ggplot object.


The labels are created via ggrepel::geom_text_repel(), so the algorithm is designed to minimize overlap with the tiles and other labels. Yet, they don't take the DEBIT line into account, and their locations are ultimately random. You might therefore have to resize the plot or run the function a few times until the labels are localized in a satisfactory way.

An alternative to the present function would be an S3 method for ggplot2::autoplot(). However, a standalone function such as this allows for customizing geom parameters and might perhaps provide better accessibility overall.


Heathers, James A. J., and Brown, Nicholas J. L. 2019. DEBIT: A Simple Consistency Test For Binary Data.


# Run `debit_plot()` on the output
# of `debit_map()`:
pigs3 %>%
  debit_map() %>%