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If your consistency test mapper function supports helper columns, call manage_helper_col() internally; once for every such column. It will check whether a helper column is compatible with its eponymous argument, i.e., if the argument was not specified by the user but has its default value.

By default (affix = TRUE), the function will add the column to the mapper's input data frame. It returns the input data frame, so reassign its output to that variable.

All of this only works in mapper functions that were "handwritten" using function(), as opposed to those produced by function_map(). See vignette("consistency-tests-in-depth"), section Writing mappers manually.


manage_helper_col(data, var_arg, default, affix = TRUE)



The data frame that is the mapper function's first argument.


The argument to the mapper function that has the same name as the helper column you want to manage.


The default for the argument that was specified in var_arg.


Logical (length 1). If data doesn't include the helper column already, should var_arg be added to data, bearing its proper name? Default is TRUE.


data, possibly modified (see affix argument).